About Us


For as long as she can remember, Siann Marlowe always wanted to design and create clothing. She

saw clothing more than just garments to cover our bodies, she saw clothing as a means of expression,

and a definition of one’s lifestyle.

As a child, Siann would stare at her mom with wide-eyed amazement whenever she would start

running the sewing machine. Her mother, a self-taught dressmaker from Jamaica, would transform a

variety of bright colored fabrics into stylish pieces of clothing, by carefully using her hands and her

Singer sewing machine. The manufacturer appropriately named that sewing machine “Singer”, as it

sang songs to little Siann Marlowe. The rhythmic and meditative sounds struck a chord in that little

girl’s soul, and as she watched the different creations being brought to life, from the stitching of

pieces of fabric, she knew that the day would come when she too would create something special.

This childhood memory is what led Siann Marlowe, founder of MFW Apparel, to create the first of

many lines of men's designer clothing ... - The RAS Collection, created to offer both the fashion

conscious and culturally conscious individual a means to express himself or herself in a refined

manner, while reflecting the culture and passion of their lifestyle.

The message behind the clothing line is UNITY and the passionate expression of culture through

fashion. With roots in Jamaica, Africa, and the USA, the precise styling of its pieces as well as the lines

signature red, gold and green details can easily identify the RAS Collection in any setting. These

colors represent both historical and spiritual symbolism and are proudly highlighted in our signature

pieces in our efforts to reflect a positive affiliation with the message of roots and culture.

All of our clothing is produced with pride in the USA. Based in Los Angeles CA, the RAS Collection is

made with superior quality and construction. Our design team meticulously scrutinizes each piece of

fabric before it is transformed into a signature piece. The RAS Collection is committed to building

communities through relationships with local artisans and contractors in cities across the USA.