Why Buy MFW Apparel

MFW Apparel is not just another label, it’s a lifestyle defined by you. We believe in unique designs and high quality clothing, which equates to using only of the best raw materials and resources available in the industry. Our design team painstakingly reviews hundreds of different types of high quality fabric (non-blends and blends) and performs many different design mock-ups before a MFW piece is produced.

All of our production is done in the USA. All of our products are 100% made in the USA.

Buying MFW quality clothing provides exceptional value for the financially conscious consumers, as our quality pieces last longer (if care instructions are followed) than many other brands on the market.

We also provide value for the fashion exclusive, savvy consumer, since our designs are produced in
limited quantities; very few people across the globe will have the same design.

Through our Ras Collection, MFW provides clothing that supports both creatively and culturally, individual expression. We give you the ability to express who you are without using words, but by using fashion and clothing. MFW strives on separating our brand from being “just a label”, and embrace our brand as being a “lifestyle” via our inspired clothing.

MFW offers a variety of styles for individuals to choose from. With multiple options, we offer choices for different occasions and individual personalities.

Our love and passion for reggae, roots and culture fuel our drive to bring love and unity through fashion. We aim to utilize our resources to push this message across the world.

MFW has strong roots in the Caribbean, USA, and Africa. We believe in supporting local communities and initiatives in these areas. We are establishing relationships with non-profit groups and specific projects that will have a positive impact on the less fortunate and provide a brighter future for the youths of today and tomorrow.